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Conquest Couch PBR

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Conquest Couch is a medium leafed couch, which is bright mid green in colour throughout the year if fertilized correctly. It’s low thatch and excellent recovery from wear has made it Australia’s number 1 couch. It requires less fertilizer than other couches and because of its deep root system Conquest is resistant to drought conditions. Conquest has a wide variety of uses such as home lawns, sporting grounds, golf courses and parks.


Windsor Green Couch

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Windsor Green Couch is a fine leafed semi-dwarfed couch. It is a mid green with a good winter colour when fertilized well. It is slower growing than other couches with an inconspicuous seed head. Windsor Green tolerates medium wear and can take up to 30-40% shade, however it grows best in full sun.


Santa Ana Couch

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Santa Ana Couch is a very fine leafed couch with a deep green colour and can look superior to other couches if maintained well. Santa Ana should be mown with a cylinder mower for best results and because it is a hard-wearing grass it is ideal for golf tees and sports fields.


Grand Prix Couch PBR

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Grand Prix is a high density, medium leaf textured turf, which is dark green in colour. It produces low seed head numbers and features a hard-wearing surface. As with most improved couch selections, drought and heat tolerance are exceptional. Once established and with the correct management, Grand Prix will survive on rainfall alone. Resistance to wear is superior and wear recovery is rapid in warmer temperatures.


Seaisle 2000 PBR

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Seaisle is a dark green turf grass that is very suitable for golf courses as it performs quite well at 1/8" mowing height on golf greens and tees. It is especially suited for fairways and roughs. It has an excellent low light intensity tolerance such as in cloudy, foggy or smoggy conditions, has an excellent winter hardiness/cold hardiness and has minimal fertilization and pesticide requirements.



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Kikuyu is a vigorous growing lawn that recovers from wear well, therefore making it suitable for high traffic areas. This lawn grows well in full sun, easy to maintain with a good winter colour but does need regular mowing throughout the summer months. Kikuyu is an affordable grass making it the grass of choice for larger areas such as parks, fairways, and sporting fields.


Stalok Reinforced Turf

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StaLok® Instant Play is a turf replacement system which can be used immediately after installation. The turf variety is grown on a sand base which conforms to USGA specification, and incorporates StaLok® fibbers for improved physical properties. Installation times are greatly reduced as turf is supplied in ‘big rolls’. Typical turf thickness for big roll is 60 mm. it is ideal for multi use sports stadiums, rugby, football & soccer ovals, baseball fields and golf courses.


Gully Gold PBR

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Gully Gold PBR is an aggressive growing couch grass that has a course leaf and produces minimal thatch layer. It recovers quickly from mowing and has a high chemical tolerance. It is highly suitable for cricket wickets, golf tees and other playing surfaces.


Kings Pride Buffalo Turf

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Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf is a grass that stays greener for longer in summer and winter, softer than ever and is hard-wearing. It looks better and is sure to outperform or match any other buffalo turf. This hard-wearing turf will save you on maintenance allowing you to spend more time to enjoy your lush green lawn. Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo is the key to making a good lawn truly great.

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo was first discovered growing wild in various regions around the country, what more proof is needed of it's natural ability to thrive he testing climate of Australia.

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