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Turf Renovations and Resurfacing

There are many sports, all with unique playing requirements. This is why our sports turf range contains many different solutions and products. We have over 30 years experience in growing turf that meets the demands of the various Aussie sports we all love. Dad & Dave's Turf have been involved in the renovation and resurfacing of many of Sydney's major sporting venues under the control of private colleges, universities, municipal councils and sporting authorities. We currently supply sports turf to 90% of the Sydney Metropolitan Golf course market.


Whether it’s a football field, stadium, golf course, school oval or another type of sports field, Dad & Dave's Turf have the right turf solution for you. Our team of fully qualified and insured professionals will ensure that every aspect of the job from consultation through to the supply and installation is carried out with the highest attention to detail, understanding the importance of getting the job done right the first time, without delays and within budget.


Contract Turf Growing

Dad and Dave’s Turf can grow specialised turf based on your specific requirements. A number of sporting arenas are constructed on specific and unique growing profiles; Dad and Dave’s can create this profile and grow the grass variety of your choice that is maintained to the highest standards.


Turf Consultancy

Dad and Dave’s Turf provides a nationwide service for all turf managers that can consist of advice for construction projects, maintenance programmes, pest or disease, identification, commercial product trials or turf evaluations.


Design and Construction

Dad and Dave’s Turf offer a full service in sports field design and construction including every aspect from planning and design all the way through to turf installation and ongoing maintenance.


Site Preparation Service

Dad and Dave’s Turf offer a full site preparation service, that can include, excavations, rubbish removal and preparing the area to be turfed.


Supplying & Installation

Dad and Dave’s Turf can supply and install mega and maxi rolls for large areas. We have developed a new turf product that is 2.4m wide and can be cut to a length of 30m and washed using a specially designed machine. We also install and supply standard size turf rolls.



Dad and Dave’s Turf offer a topdressing service utilising the latest topdressing technology. We currently offer the Dakota Topdresser which is ideal, ensuring no wheel rutting or ground damage occurs.


Turf Washing Facilities

Dad and Dave’s Turf has a state of the art turf washer available to wash 18inch and 24 inch rolls, and 1.2m maxi rolls leaving no soil on the turf.


Stalok Reinforced Turf

StaLok® Instant Play is a turf replacement system which can be used immediately after installation. The turf variety is grown on a sand base which conforms to USGA specification, and incorporates StaLok® fibbers for improved physical properties. Installation times are greatly reduced as turf is supplied in ‘big rolls’. Typical turf thickness for big roll is 60 mm. it is ideal for multi use sports stadiums, rugby, football & soccer ovals, baseball fields and golf courses.


Sydney Cricket Ground Turf


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